GTA Online Independence Day Special Closes In One Week

GTA Online

Rockstar Games announce that the GTA Online Independence Day Special will close in less than a week.

Grand Theft Auto: Online developers, Rockstar Games, announced today that there is less than a week left to play the exclusive Independence Day Special content. The content includes: weapons, vehicles, in-game clothing, tattoos and hair cuts whilst all 17 new jobs will remain open permanently after the event closes in less than a week’s time.

GTA OnlineIf you are yet to purchase weapons like the destructive shotgun, the Mullet, or the Firework Rocket Launcher then you will need to buy them this week before they are gone forever; vehicles such as the Sovereign motorcycle and the Liberator monster truck will also be facing the same fate later this week. However, there is good news to this announcement, the seven new properties, the ability to ride the Ferris whale and the Leviathan Roller Coaster (at Vespucci Beach) as well as the 17 new Jobs, will all remain open permanently after this week.


The Firework Rocket Launcher, along with its ammo, will be available to players again during future holiday and special events when fireworks are traditionally set off; so expect some more firework action in November for Bonfire night!

At the beginning of any future events, where fireworks are available, players who purchased the Firework Rocket Launcher during the Independence Day Special event will receive one complimentary full refill of ammo to ensure that you can properly celebrate the given event.

Later this week Rockstar will be holding a double RP weekend to reward players for taking part in the GTA Online Independence Day Special!

What are your thoughts on the announcement of the closure of the GTA Online Independence Day Special: would you like to see the Firework Launcher, the Musket as well as the vehicles all make a comeback in future GTA Online events? 

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