New Sonic Boom Character, Sticks, unveiled!

New Sonic Boom Character, Sticks, unveiled!

Sega have revealed an entirely new Sonic Boom character to debut in the upcoming videogame and TV show.

The new character, Sticks, in a jungle badger, who will play a significant role in the series and strike up a powerful friendship with existing character, Amy.

Sticks SonicSega also revealed a bit of background for the character, describing Sticks as a ‘force of nature in every way,’ especially suited to fighting as a result of spending most of her life alone in the wilderness.

This isolation is slated to have a huge impact on her personality and role in the games, with Sega describing the character as unfamiliar with social interaction and struggling with ‘the concepts of sharing, compassion and friendship’.

Hiroyuki Miyazaki, chief content officer for the Sonic Brand at SEGA of America discusses the significance of Sticks’ introduction to the Sonic series,


“Sticks is a significant addition to the Sonic Boom universe and the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. She brings a quirky personality and perspective to the team dynamic, and we look forward to sharing this energetic and funny new character with the world.”

The Sonic Boom Series

The Sonic Boom series was announced back in February as an enormous multi-platform and multimedia project.

The series will include Wii U and 3DS games, a new range of toys and even a new TV series based on the continually popular Sonic series.

The most striking aspect of the series is the redesign of the classic Sonic characters.

Described as ‘bold’ and ‘brave,’ the animation style is very different for the Sonic Boom series that the classic style, and it hasn’t been welcomed by all fans, though Sega has promised to continue the classic Sonic design in its other games.

Sticks will be making her debut in the Sonic Boom TV series in Autumn/Fall this year, and the spin-off game around the same time.

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