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Capcom PSN Humble Bundle for Agust 2016

Discussion in 'General/Other' started by vgforever, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. vgforever

    vgforever New Member

    Humble bundle have teamed up with Capcom to bring you a bundle full of Capcom PlayStation games!
    See the full list of games here but the only problem is the codes work on all PSN accounts apart from the UK

    You can buy or view the full list of games here


    Keys for the Humble Capcom PlayStation Bundle will redeem on a PSN account from any of the following regions:

    (US) United States

    (CA) Canada

    (MX) Mexico

    (BR) Brazil

    (CL) Chile

    (AR) Argentina

    (PE) Peru

    (CO) Colombia

    (PA) Panama

    (CR) Costa Rica

    (EC) Ecuador

    (GT) Guatemala

    (SV) El Salvador

    (PY) Paraguay

    (HN) Honduras

    (BO) Bolivia

    (UY) Uruguay

    (NI) Nicaragua

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