The Sims 4 Build Mode Official Gameplay Trailer

The Sims 4 Build Mode Official Gameplay Trailer

The Sims 4 Build Mode Official Gameplay Trailer

A new trailer for The Sims 4 was released today and it shows off the Build Mode featured in The Sims 4. The Build Mode has gotten overhauled in attempt to make it easier and user-friendly without taking away the variety and features.

The big feature in The Build Mode is giving you the ability to set up your house quick. Pre-made room shapes give you the template for the house and go on from there. Moving walls in or out, shrinking the rooms, etc. and when you do that your furniture in the house will intelligently be repositioned.

Also, putting a window(s) in a room (or multiple rooms) is as easy as a click of the button. If you don’t like where a window is you can change it as well. Players will also have the power to set walls at three different heights.

Sims_4_Bau_Modus_Screenshots_1-pc-gamesAlso, one final feature that’s included is, if you don’t like the position your house is facing you can move the house from one position to another.

In the trailer, John Berges, Maxis designer, will go over in much more detail about the new features in The Sims 4: Build Mode. So, if your interested, be sure to check that out.

The Sims 4 is slated to come out later this year; not much more than that, but with E3 coming out look out for more information and perhaps a concrete release date.

So, with all that said, are you excited for The Sims 4? Be sure to leave your comments down below and also for more information you can head on over to The Sims 4 website. Also, you can check out EA on Twitter and Facebook to follow all the news and what’s going one with The Sims 4.