Free Android Games June 2015 Week 4

Free Android Games June 2015 Week 4

Free Play Weekly: The latest free android games for the 4th week of June 2015

Welcome back free play weekly here we have another list of  free android games fresh from the Google play store for you to check out.

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Thumb Empires

Description: Thumb Empires is a new mobile strategy game. Raise your troops of formidable units and fight the bandits with unbreakable formation, liberate other turf and get the extra Gold and Mana. Survival is just the begining! Challenge and be the king of the world!Google Play Free Android Games August 2014 Week 3



Chef Town: Cook, Farm & Expand

Description: Enter the engaging and exciting cooking adventure in one of the best looking simulation games out there! Run your own restaurant, cook and serve tasty meals and become a true master chef!Google Play Free Android Games August 2014 Week 3




Labyrinth of Battle

Description: Free RPG game with fantasy and mystical stages! For each game run, dungeon map will change and player needs to control their character cleverly to pass rooms that are dominated by monsters. Stages are unlimited and the real challenge is how far you can go in this game.Google Play Free Android Games August 2014 Week 3




Monkey Bay

Description: Hoist the sails and sharpen the cutlasses! The battle can begin! Embark on exciting raids with your fearless pirate crew in the tower defense game Monkey Bay. Your goal is simple: Become the most feared freebooter of the seas! Use amazing tycoon game features to design your own pirate island.Google Play Free Android Games August 2014 Week 3





Description: Step into an alternative story of the SPL2 universe. Play as a highly skilled undercover police officer, investigate the human trafficking scene. Fight your way through the streets of Thailand to the skyscrapers of Hong Kong. Take down the most powerful and dangerous criminal organization from inside out. Google Play Free Android Games August 2014 Week 3



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