Alien Rage Launch Trailer Releases

Alien Rage Launch Trailer Releases

Fighting fury in new Alien Rage launch trailer

CI Games has recently released the launch trailer for their old school sci-fi first person shooter, Alien Rage. Alien Rage will bring a classic shooting experience reminiscent of Duke Nukem, Serious Sam, and Painkiller for all major consoles. The game is set to release on Steam for £14.99 on 24th September, and will also be invading Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network in Autumn 2013.

Alien Rage will offer 14 intense levels where players must purge evil aliens with a ferocious rain of bullets. Players will be given 10 wicked weapons which come equip with a alternate firing mode. Using these deadly tools of destruction, players must challenge the immense forces of deadly aliens along with the enormous gruesome bosses. The game promises to have unforgiving enemy AI that the player will have to conquer with pure wit and tactical prowess.

Writer’s Opinion

alien-ragePersonally, I have to say I am a big fan of classic old school FPS. Something about a game giving a wide arrange of varied killing machines, and the ability to mow down outlandish enemies always amount to a good time. I’m glad to see  a developer make games like this when the entire market is focus on serious “simulation” when it comes to FPS. There was a time when this was the FPS market, and although I think the genre has evolved in positive ways, games like this remind us how video games use to simply bring us fun. I hope this game sells well for CI Games, and hopefully it was developed well.

The game looks pretty solid, so as of right now I will just remain excited as I anticipate to dive into Alien Rage.

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