Bad Planet "Comic to Kickstarter"

Bad Planet "Comic to Kickstarter"

Everyone and their mum probably knows what Kickstarter is and if you don’t then where have you been? Anyway a Texas-based game studio Red Fly wants to make a game based on the popular Bad Planet comic series. The comic was made by RAW Studios, and was a science fiction series about a lone alien warrior fighting to save our planet against a unrelenting wave of inter-galactic Death Spiders. The game (made by Red Fly) will be a third-person shooter, defining melee combat and with sleek graphics.

“When Red Fly approached us about doing a video game, seeing the creatures and the hero of Bad Planet come to life in a game was very intriguing to us,” said RAW Studio co-founder. “This game will take chances, it has ambivalent characters and anti-heroes, and it’s long, sprawling, and serious science fiction.”

The Bad Planet will be released episodically containing between two to four hours of game play for each episode, and if funded the game will bring the world and characters of Bad Planet to a hyper-violent alien war full of amazing combos and aliens!!!

Co-founder and creative director of RAW Studio added: “One of the most exciting things about creating this game is that, by going through Kickstarter, it allows us to take full control of the entire creative process. In Red Fly we’ve found the perfect partner because we have a harmony in terms of the vision for the game and how to take Bad Planet to the next level.”

The two companies are asking for $575,000 in funding to make the game. Those who are interested to help fund this gritty action game that will never want you to stop, follow this link: