Bowser Crowned Great Game Villain by Guinness World Records

Bowser Crowned Great Game Villain by Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records announced a list of the top 50 gaming villains of all time, and Bowser is at the top of the list. The antagonist from the Mario franchise got 20% of the vote from 5000 readers who were polled.

Kevin Lynch, writer for Guinness World Records 2013 Gamer’s Edition said: “It was really interesting for us to put the vote out to our readers and see who their favourite villain was – Bowser’s top place is no big shocker, but there certainly are surprises in there.


I think what this list really reflects is that video game villains tend to be a lot cooler than the heroes they’re pitted against.” Now, when I think game villain, I don’t think Bowser. He’s half-hearted about the whole villainy thing since he can’t seem to hold on to Peach. You’d think he’d learn after the same guy gets her back that maybe he should try a tactic besides laying out fairly simple traps and puzzles. Also, the most evil thing he has done is kidnap the same princess over and over again.

According to Guinness, he’s kidnapped her eight times, so he’s clearly stuck in a rut in terms of the whole bad guy creative process. He’s a bit of a yawn as far as villains go.

The runner up to Bowser in the Guiness World Record’s 50 greatest video game villains was GLaDOS. Now, as an unbiased professional who believes in objective reporting, I have to say GLaDOS got robbed. I demand a recount. In fact, on whose authority do you guys get to decide the greatest villain? GLaDOS is way more evil.

She tried to kill a woman with tests, turrets, and nerve gas, in addition to a constant onslaught of psychological and emotional torture. And that whole thing where she promises you cake and then doesn’t deliver? That was a truly evil thing to do to someone.