Broncos Win in Super Bowl XLVIII prediction on Madden NFL 25

Broncos Win in Super Bowl XLVIII prediction on Madden NFL 25

Manning Leads Denver to Dramatic Overtime Victory in Super Bowl XLVIII

In the new EA prediction for Super Bowl XLVIII using Madden NFL 25, the game is predicting that Peyton Manning will become the first quarterback to lead two different franchises in Super Bowl wins. The game ended with the Broncos winning 31-28 in overtime against the Seahawks. To watch a video of the game go here.

The Madden forecasts have correctly predicted 8 of the 10 Lombardi Trophy winners, with last year’s San Francisco losing out to the Raven’s. The defense of the Bronco’s held fast as offense began to struggle to snag points. Richard Sherman returned a interception for a touchdown before the half with a 10-7 lead. However Denver came back when Peyton Manning connect with Richard Sherman and Demaryius Thomas for a 17-yard touchdown in the third quarter. Later in the quarter Knowshon Moreno gave Denver a 21-10 lead. Even though Steven Hauschka managed a field goal as the period would end, giving a clear edge to the Broncos.

Manning would go on to score another 24-yard touchdown with a pass to Wes Walker in the beginning of the fourth quarter. The Seahawks would try to come back with a touchdown pass to Golden Tate and a last second 27-yard touchdown run by Marshawn Lynch, bringing them within two points of the Broncos.


The Broncos would stop the Seahawks first overtime possession in the fourth quarter , which would force a punt. The Broncos would force the ball on the 30-yard line, but the drive would slow down. Matt Prater, record-holder for the longest field goal in an NFL game, would step in for his first kick and score a 48-yard goal, winning the game for the Broncos.

Peyton Manning won his second Super Bowl ring and became MVP with his 322-yard, three touchdown performance. Demaryius Thomas had 11 passes for 168 yards and a touchdown. Seahawk’s Marshawn Lynch would be the game’s top rusher for 109 yards and a touchdown.

The Madden NFL 25 Super Bowl prediction is created by simulating the Super Bowl matchup with updated rosters on Xbox One®, the official game console of the NFL. The Madden NFL 25 Super Bowl prediction is engineered by GMC®.

All player participation has been facilitated by NFL Players Inc., the licensing and marketing subsidiary of the NFL Players Association (NFLPA).

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