Commander – Europe at War Update

Commander – Europe at War Update

Slitherine and Matrix Games have announced that the new Grand Strategy 2.10 update for MILITARY HISTORY™ Commander – Europe at War is now available for the PC and Mac. The update brings many new features and improvements created by the community for the community, available to everyone who has a copy of MILITARY HISTORY™ Commander – Europe at War.

The newest update for the giant grand strategy game features many many juicy changes for you to sink your teeth into. The changes range from the manual to the game board, environment, units, and historical/political features. Game balance improvements were made in v2.10 update to control “blob” strategies, as well as more rail heads added to supplement the rail movement rules. Historical and political changes include new prerequisites for Spain becoming an Axis ally, and Britain now requires 8 home guard forces units in country to avoid morale loss. Commander – Europe at War is still, at it’s core, the game many of you have come to love and enjoy. The update just brings it into play many requests made by you, the community, which is always a good thing.

Commander – Europe at War pulls you into the battle during the days of World War 2 and gives you control over six scenarios, 50 inventions from five technology branches, and 12 different unit classes. How you handle your amry is entirely up to you. Whether you will rise to glory or cause your army to lose the battle, the power is within your hands.

For a full list of the changelog in Commander – Europe at War, visit the Slitherine and Matrix Games forums.

The v2.10 update is comprehensive and will bring the Grand Strategy expansion to version 2.10. To get the update, download it from its official product page on the Slitherine website or from the download section on the Matrix Games website.