Design this Home now on PC

Design this Home now on PC


Top developer for app games, App Minis, has now released their popular game Design This Home, On PC and is available to play on Big Fish.

IMG_0184-e1333462373751The original version of the game for mobile devices launched in 2012, and has enjoyed great success with over 8 million downloads and 6 million dollars in sales. The game has frequently appeared on the top ten free charts around the world.

Jina Heverley, Vice President and General Manager of Big Fish PC, Mac, and Cloud, was excited to announce the news.


“As one of the top games on iOS, Design This Home is bound to thrill Big Fish’s PC players and add great value to our freemium PC portfolio of games. Big Fish’s passionate audience will be drawn to Design This Home’s endless


“When we were approached by Big Fish to bring Design This Home to the web as a PC download,” explains App Minis CEO Alex Ahlund, “We knew it was the perfect fit.  This is one of the first casual games to attempt the freemium model direct from mobile to PC.  It’s still unexplored territory, but we think Design This Home will be incredibly successful on this platform, especially with Big Fish’s massive audience and experience in pushing the boundaries of casual gaming.”


The new version of the game for PC will bring the same addictive game play based around home design. Gamers can own hundreds of homes with virtual pieces, and be able to paint the walls, install cabinets, and more. Over 700 different items await players who wish to design their dream home.



     Over 700 items to design your home

     Expertly crafted high-quality art and animation

     Customize every aspect of your home, from the floors to the walls and everything else

     Nine full-sized rooms to construct and decorate

     Choose from six beautiful floor plans

     Own multiple homes

     Add your friends as your house residents

     Frequent updates, new items, seasonal decorations, tasks, and more

     Intuitive and easy to play for all ages

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