Dungeonland Now Open

Dungeonland Now Open

Paradox Interactive announced that Dungeonland is now available for purchase. The title can be found online for $9.99. Dungeonland stands out from many games because it was not crafted by a hardworking team of developers and industry pros, but a guy named “Dungeon Maestro.” He’s invited players to come to his land of dungeons and fight off hordes of enemies.

Three players can play as heroes, while one player can play as the true hero of the game, Dungeon Maestro himself. That player will be able to control traps and monsters as they try to murder their friends in inventive and villainous ways, including mashing something called the “evil laugh button.”


“I can’t tell you how pleased I am to finally welcome the world to Dungeonland,” said the Dungeon Maestro, Director of Scheming at Paradox Interactive. “This represents a bold step forward not just for my glorious plans, but for the evil industry as a whole.

Opening day is just the beginning, as well; today PC heroes can ‘enjoy’ their visits, but soon I’ll be able to lure MacOS heroes to my park as well! Better still, there’s a whole new section we’re going to open shortly, called Infinite Dungeon! We tell the heroes it’s the best challenge we have, where the fights just get harder and harder until they die – and the idiots line right up to try it!

“They always die, and they go in anyway!” added the Maestro. “Ha! Ha ha ha! HAHAHAHAHA!”

Yep. That laugh is pretty evil.