Final Exam Launch Trailer!

Final Exam Launch Trailer

Baseball bat at the ready, start your chainsaw… the monsters are on the rampage!

The sidescroller action game, Final Exam, full of great humor and nonstop action and developed by Mighty Rocket Studios has released a launch trailer in anticipation for the Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, and PC release.

final-exam-ps3Now available for PC and the US PSN, the game will be available for download on the European PSN tomorrow and XBLA worldwide Friday.

Final Exam, is a quirky and action packed game that can be enjoyed alone or with friends in four player coop. Players must survive hordes of monsters trying to crawl you apart, while the player must finish random tasks in a set of nonlinear levels. Picking a random character and leveling him up to unlock new weapons and attacks to use against the creatures of evil. Using impressive combos and beating your high scores to climb the ranks offers hours of fun for gamers.


With Co-op Final Exam can bring new varied game play to accomplish your goals faster, however by staying together your rate of survival will be greater against the monsters.

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