Frogger Hyper Arcade Edition Is Now Available

Frogger Hyper Arcade Edition Is Now Available

Can you believe Frogger is 30 years old? Well he is and to commemorate his birthday, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc today announced that the newest game in the Frogger series, Frogger Hyper Arcade Edition, is available right now on the PlayStation®Network, on Xbox LIVE Arcade, and smartphone platforms. The game will also be available for Nintendo’s WiiWare™ service on Wii™ on July 12. So gamers from all platforms can enjoy not only a new Frogger experience, but can relive the classic modes that players have come to love and cherish over the past 30 years.

It’s said to be the ‘Frogger the way fans remember – and then some’ as we come up to Frogger’s 30th Anniversary, it seemed only fitting for Konami to release some form of new Frogger game to celebrate it in all it’s glory.Which brings us to Frogger Hyper Arcade Edition.

Players will be able to customize their game experience through a variety of unlockable skins with KONAMI classics like Castlevania, CONTRA and even the 8-bit sprites from original arcade Frogger, which should please all the Frogger veterans out there. For those looking to battle out, Frogger style, fans can compete in up to four player matches with friends or against the Computer. However, the Smartphone versions are unfortunately only single player experiences, but at least you can still join in on the Frogger madness and celebrate his 30th Anniversary.

First introduced in 1981, Frogger is widely considered a classic and was noted for both its novel gameplay and theme. For more information about Frogger and to download assets, please visit

Developed by Zombie Studios, Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition is available now for download on the Xbox® LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360 for 800 Microsoft Points, PlayStation®Network for $9.99 and smartphone devices for $.99. The game will also be available July 12 on Nintendo WiiWare for 700 Wii Points. For more information, please visit Assets are available for download at