Glow Worm and his World Of Microbes!

Glow Worm and his World Of Microbes!

In a special Limited time only promotion starting today you can get the highly addicting action game Glow Worm for Free.

Developed by “AngryOrange” this App action game that challenges you to capture and transport 10 or more helpless bacteria scattered inside a living cell! Your objective is to save as many bacteria as possible using the Glow Worm which automatically captures each nearby bacterium using a single filament. Once the microbes are attached, the filaments slowly retract as you navigate your Glow Worm back to safety with bacteria in tow. Along the way you are challenged with lethal obstacles, including oddly shaped micro-spaces, viruses, red cells, and rotating X cells.

Once touch-activated, your ‘Glow Worm’ begins to lose power, forcing you to work as quickly as possible before it no longer functions, making a level have even more challenge.

Using a sophisticate physics engine, the game brings a very eery and realistic atmosphere of the inside of a cell, similar to being underwater. The fluid inside the cells makes it very difficult to transport the small bacteria. So moving large numbers can be hard so it maybe a idea to take smaller groups quicker. Each of the enemies try to digest the bacteria by retracting, but it does take some time so hurry!!

Moving inside the cells containing moving obstacles is very difficult and you must quickly develop a quick retain to all the levels that are within the game, As all the bacteria move at different speeds.
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