Lenovo And Google Unite – Chromebook Laptops For Schools

google chromebook

Lenovo is to produce a Chromebook set for school use called the ThinkPad X131e.

A Chromebook is a laptop running on Google’s operating system Chrome.

The Chrome OS is a browser-based operating system, but like Android (also made by Google), runs Linux in the background. The software all runs in the cloud of the web, with websites, and web apps. It won’t run PC games, Photoshop, or even iTunes, etc, but what it can do is effectively what your typical Android tablet will do; browse the web to access Facebook, and do as I said in a previous article, set tasks, with apps built to do a particular thing.

Of course, with a Chromebook, you also get a track pad, and a keyboard which doesn’t naturally come with a tablet device.

google chromebook

This type of laptop is perfect for a school, and for students, as it has pretty much everything you would want to do in the classroom, and is a cheap alternative to a laptop powered by Windows, and Microsoft Office.

Google offer their own office type software called Google Docs, which essentially replace the need for Microsoft Office, rather like the likes of Open Office you may have heard of, and for students, the software comes free.

You can sign up here, and see what is available:


It will be available to schools that want it starting February 26th of this year.

Specs wise, it has an 11.6 inch, 1,366×768 720p LED antiglare screen, offers 3 USB ports for plugging in peripherals, and should you need output to an external visual output, a HDMI and VGA port. Processing wise, it offers an Intel processor, and Lenovo promises the battery has enough juice to last through the school day.

Should Microsoft be worried? Probably not, but for students wanting to do the basic school tasks, the Chromebook is perfect.

Running from web-based app’s, updates occur when they are available, and allows much more control for the teachers to upload data/work to the students when they need to.

Of course, being a Google device, you also have access to a multitude of Google based app’s, like Google Maps, Google Mail, Google +, Google Messenger, etc.

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