Lords of Xulima Kickstarter Close to Goal

Lords of Xulima Kickstarter Close to Goal

Lords of Xulima Kickstarter Supports Innovative New RPG

If you are anything like me, you have fond memories of playing classic role-playing games on the PC like Baldur’s Gate and Diablo.  Taking these kinds of games and combining them with the deep storytelling of the JRPG genre and modern, mature fantasy settings, Lords of Xulima aims to bring the classic RPG into the modern era.  It is being developed for PC, Mac, and Linux by Numantian Games, an independent studio located in Spain, who have started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the final stages of development.  At the time of this writing only one week after its launch, the Kickstarter already had $9,500 of its $10,000 goal.

Head of Numantian Jesús Arribas said of Lords of Xulima‘s development:

“The game was originally inspired by over a decade of fascination for Role-Playing Games. We want to capture what made those RPG classics so memorable, while offering something new at the same time.”

Lords Of Xulima - Character Screen

It certainly looks like the team is well on their way to realizing this goal, as the game’s interface looks just like something out of a classic RPG with a row of party member portraits.  However, it appears that battles are conducted through a separate interface that is formation based.  Players can arrange their party members in rows and columns for best effect, and the combat itself looks like it will be turn-based.  The amount of party members is uncommonly generous, allowing a maximum of six adventurers, an uncommon feature when most RPGs allow only three or four.

Lords Of Xulima - Combat with Ogres

Despite its reliance on classic RPG styling, Lords of Xulima is also a thoroughly modern game.  The gameplay footage I have seen runs smoother and has far higher graphical fidelity than I remember with the classics.  The environments are also astoundingly beautiful.  According to Numantian’s press release, these environments are all hand-drawn, lending the game a beautiful, artistic style.  With this strategy, cutting edge 3D graphics seem unnecessary; rather, the ambiance created by these 2D environments fits the mood and artistic style of the game, a nice touch.  The character models will be three-dimensional, adding some interesting visual diversity and recapturing the days when 3D technology was first being used in conjunction with existing 2D graphics.

Lords of Xulima seems like a promising title for RPG fans, not only those who like classic RPGs but modern ones as well.  If you are interested in it, the best thing you can do is donate to the Kickstarter, which runs until November 29th.  The first 200 backers can receive a digital copy for $15 or more, but once this quota is filled a donation of $20 or more gets a digital copy.  A whole slew of other backer levels are available for those who would like to get more rewards and join in the development process.  A vote on Steam Greenlight is also highly appreciated, as Lords of Xulima is quite highly rated and probably nearing greenlighting; your vote might make the difference.