The Magic of Skylanders SWAP Force Joins Nintendo 3DS

The Magic of Skylanders SWAP Force Joins Nintendo 3DS

Number one franchise unites with Number one handheld- The Magic of Skylanders SWAP Force joins Nintendo 3DS

THE MAGIC OF SKYLANDERS SWAP FORCE joins Nintendo 3DS on October 18th. The 1.5 billion toys-to-life Skylanders franchise leads the video game industry in overall retail sales worldwide. The Nintendo 3DS version offers unique story, levels and a special starter pack featuring three new characters—Rattle Shake, Volcanic Eruptor and Free Ranger—which are only found in the Nintendo 3DS starter pack.

“Skylanders fans have been very supportive in expressing what they’d like to experience in the Nintendo 3DS version of Skylanders SWAP Force, and we really took their input to heart,” said . “The game plays smoother and crisper than ever before, and with kids’ collections becoming larger and larger, we were able to add more depth and game-play variety than any other hand-held version of Skylanders. -Alex Peters, Vice President, Activision Production”

THE STORY BEGINS in Boomtown, home of Skyland’s heroic pilot Flynn. While the town celebrates Flynn’s fantastical feats, a new villain called Count Moneybone sneaks into Boomtown and kidnaps Flynn’s longtime friend Cali. It is up to the Portal Masters to assemble the Skylanders and SWAP Force to rescue Cali and defeat Count Moneybone.

256 UNIQUE COMBINATIONS are possible with Skylanders SWAP force, allowing players to swap the top and bottom halves of the toys to transform 16 Swap Force characters into an impressive number of combinations. Skylanders SWAP Force on Nintendo 3DS is compatible with all of the toys from Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure and Skylanders Giants; also all of the abilities, levels and customizations will carry forward to Skylanders SWAP Force. Like the console, the level cap has been raised from 15 to 20, which lets players continue building the skills and experience of their favorite Skylanders.

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