Mega Charizard X Joins The Mega Evolution Roster

Mega Charizard X Joins The Mega Evolution Roster

Which Charizard Will You Be using?

Gamefreak has recently announced another Mega Evolution for the beloved fire starter, Mega Charizard X. Similar to Mewtwo, Charizard will apparently have two different Mega Evolutions that will be exclusive to each game. In Pokemon Y, players will be able to get Charmander, with the mega stone that allows it to evolve into Mega Charizard Y (charizardite Y.) However, players who play Pokemon X are able to get Charmander with the stone that allows it to turn into the newly revealed evolution, Mega Charizard X (charizardite x.)

Mega Charizard X varies greatly from it’s other Mega Evolution. While  Mega Charizard Y gets a boost in special attack and carries the ability drought, Charizard X get’s a boost in physical attack and gains the new ability tough claws. Tough claws strengthen all moves that do physical combat damage to a Pokemon. In addition, Charizard X will also be a Fire/Dragon type instead of Fire/flying. With moves like Belly Drum already being available to Charizard, we can expect this Pokemon to be a big threat in competitive gameplay along with Charizard Y.

If you would like to see the new Mega Evolved Pokemon in action, make sure to check out the trailer reveal down below

Writers Opinion

I have to say on a competitive side, I really like how they made these two Pokemon vastly different. Charizard Y will most certainly become the staple Pokemon for sun teams; and depending on it’s stat boost it could become a threat in the OU tier on it’s own. However, Charizard X has a completely different purpose which I can’t really judge until I see the impact of fairy Pokemon. Steel moves will be big on Charizard X such as iron tail, and possibly even metal claw. It is going to hit really hard and belly drum sets will for sure be a force to be wrecked with. Not only that, but Charizard X may not be weak to the fairy type considering that it is Fire and Dragon. Will it go into Uber? Honestly it still just depends on the stat bonus that Charizard will be getting, but I do hope my original starter makes it there.