MMORPG Blade 9 Will Be Released In Autumn 2013

MMORPG Blade 9 Will Be Released In Autumn 2013

It has been recently announced that MoreFunPlay will be bringing their popular MMORPG Blade 9 to European audiences this Autumn season.

Blade 9 tells the story of an omnipotent god who once wielded a divine and almighty weapon. 1,000 years in the future however, this weapon has shattered into nine shards which then take on the form of their own conventionalize Ruin Weapon. When these weapons of great power combine, the beholder can acquire the power once held by the mighty god long ago. Will a warrior acquire this sacred weapon to stop the forces of evil that threaten the world’s existence? That is up to the many players of Blade 9 to find out.

Some of the unique features of the game include the use of Merge Stones and of course the nine Ruin Weapons which each have their own unique abilities to fit your personal play style.

Blade 9 2

Hendry Wang, Senior Overseas Director, had this to say on the game

‘‘We’ve had great success so far with the game in Asia and are looking forward to branching out with Blade 9 into European markets. With the level of user interaction and community creativity on offer, this will be a great opportunity for gamers to get involved with shaping the game in the direction they want it to go. We also have the very exciting Player Vs. Player (PVP) feature in-game, which is a key element when providing a healthy competition environment for those who are part of this growing online community.’’

The developers of Blade 9 are also very interested in what the community wishes to see for the game. Players will be able to send suggestions or feedback to the developers so they can shape the experience to the communities desires for the next few months.

To learn more about Blade 9 or other games put out by MoreFunPlay you can check out their official website at