Namco presents Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z DLC Items and Additional Characters for Dragon Ball Z Fans to Master

Namco Bandi Europe  had some of it’s best developers recently reveal a brand new DBZ game Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z  that promises to be an all new Z experience  coming early 2014. The game developer Artdink  brings us our newest joyride through the legendary Dragon Ball Universe with 2 Super Saiyan offers, the Day 1 edition and Pre-Order offer for Dragon Ball Z: Battle for Z DLC.  dragon-ball-z-battle-of-z-1371823412959_1920x1080

Akira Toriyama’s best selling manga franchise as well as anime masterpiece had it’s fan base re-ignited with the recent release of the DBZ movie DRAGON BALL Z BATTLE OF GODS. In commemoration of this, Namco Bandi games is not only bringing a new team based action brawl complete with entire DBZ story ( Sayian, Namek, Andriod, Buu, as well as movie villans and characters.) they are also giving a generous helping of extra content in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z DLC for Europe and Australasia exclusively.

The Pre-order offer comes with two exclusive DLC Characters, the ultimate Super Vegito and the souped up dbz pic 1version of Goku’s dad Super Saiyan Bardok. These two prolific characters are only available exclusively for Pre-Order in Europe and Australasia.

The day one edition comes with it’s own surprise as they combine two wildly popular manga series and dawn Goku in the Naruto Uzimaki Sage Mode Costume. This will allow followers of both manga series to combine their power and fight out there favorite dream battles.

Following our tradition of high-quality manga adaptations, this game will please all DRAGON BALL Z fans. With this new Team Melee Action game; enhanced graphics, long hours of online/offline team-play and fun awaits our players!” said Olivier Comte, Senior Vice President, NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe . “We are delighted to announce the content of our exclusive editions! By including unique items and powerful characters, we are hoping to fulfill players’ high expectations towards this new exciting game! Stay tuned for more announcements in the upcoming weeks”

If you want to know more about the game check out the trailer below then head on over to where they’ll be waiting to form the ultimate Super Saiyan team up.

DRAGON BALL Z: BATTLE OF Z is for PlayStation 3, PS  Vita, and XBOX360, coming in early 2014, for more information on a complete list of Namco Bandi games Europe check out also .