Narrative details of Daylight revealed

Narrative details of Daylight revealed

Publisher Atlus has revealed the narrative details of Daylight, the Amnesia-type horror game for the PC and PlayStation 4.

Back in June of this year, it was announced that Atlus signed a deal with Condemned developer Zombie Studios to work on a first-person survival horror game. An update on the narrative of the game has since been released.

The setup is as follows: It is 1983, and you play as Sarah Gwynn, who wakes up in the lobby of Mid Island Bay Hospital. The history of the hospital is unknown, but reports cite that it was “a major interest to the G&C Investments Corp, who had designs on renovating the old hospital and turning it into a high-end hospice catering to the wealthy.”

The narrative continues:

“After spending a lot of money with the officials from the township of New Kipling, which claims Mid Island as its own, G&C was in the final stages of completing its due diligence to take control of the island and its property. They sent a team of contractors and experts to do on-site research, but after a short time G&C abruptly cancels the deal and leaves New Kipling altogether. Curious, the township sends in a team to follow up on G&Cs research, discovering, amongst other things, an abandoned excavation site with 12 grave-sized holes dug in the ground.”

If the game proves anything like what’s already on the developers resume – Condemned and Fear – then this will be a knockout. Some early demo reports from June highlighted the fact that the game will feature no way to “defend” yourself because there will be no ability to fight back, meaning this may very well be in the realm of the ever-popular Amnesia and Penumbra series.

The game has no specific release date, but will be released on the PS4 and PC come next year.