Navy Field 2 Open Beta Launched!

Navy Field 2 Open Beta Launched!

Attention all you RTS Navy fanatics. Today, NEXON Europe has announced the glorious launch of the Navy Field 2 Open Beta. To celebrate the launch, there will be three exciting events for players to participate in.

Players can enlist in Navy Field 2 today to enjoy the exciting RTS set on the seas of World War I and World War II, in which up to 64 players can battle for domination of the seas with over 170 ships. From submarines to aircraft carriers, each ship is customizable right down to the crew, and are fully realized through the impressive 3D graphics of the Gamebryo engine.

Players can battle it out with fleets from a host of nations, including the Imperial Japanese Navy, Royal Navy, US Navy, and the Kriegsmarine. Players are able to compete in a variety of epic  fun filled missions such as Dover, Midway and the Solomon Isles with historically accurate fleets, or earn points in the ‘Total War’ Deathmatch mode.


NEXON Europe is calling all captainsof the seas to the battlefield, in three events full of battles, rewards and sea salt. The oceans are dangerous, and enemies cunning, so NEXON Europe will help new recruits into battle -as long as players prove their worth – and reward great leaders for customizing their fleets.

NEXON Europe knows every recruit wants nothing more than glory and fame, but many are defeated on the open seas. Players who take the time to train in the art of war will be rewarded: any captain who completes the following tutorials will be gifted, not just with knowledge, but with powerful amour modifications.
Enlist and learn the following skills to become a devastating force on the seas; Battle Tutorial, Base Defense Tutorial, Base Capture Tutorial, Torpedo & Mine Tutorial, Sonar & Depth Charge Tutorial.

Complete the training by May 2nd and captains will receive their rewards on the next maintenance.

Players are invited to step on board and set sail for the warfare of Navy Field 2. It’s not for the faint hearted, as only the toughest and quickest captains will reap the rewards. Until April 24th, the first 5000 players to reach level 10 and level 15 will be rewarded with Nexon Cash – 1,000 and 1,500 NX – as an appreciation of their dedication to the war effort.


With new recruits flocking to the seas, NEXON Europe is calling on all great leaders of Navy Field 2 to step forward and inspire glory. One captain has little chance on his own, but with the strength of a fleet behind him, everything is possible. Between 18th April and 1st May, NEXON Europe has reduced the cost of fleet creation from 150,000 credits to only 5,000 credits.

A fleet needs ships, so if a player’s fleet reaches the milestones of 10, 20 and 30 members with an average captain level of 15, the whole fleet will be handsomely rewarded for their loyalty, with up to 100k credits each. Every war has a hero, so who will lead their fleet to victory?