New Halo 4 Content Coming Next Week

New Halo 4 Content Coming Next Week

Back in 2012 when Halo 4 was released by 343 Industries, Halo fans were promised a weekly addition to the Spartan Ops Mode, which as fans know is the Halo version of Specs Ops from Call of Duty.

Starting January 21st, continuing every week, until February 24th players will be able to continue their journey through the story of UNSC Infinity free of charge. Besides delivering a new, beautiful cinematic experience free of charge, players will able to continue their UNSC career in a co-op mode.

Although 343 and Microsoft have announced that “season one of Spartan Ops we be free of any additional charge” the phrasing of ‘season one’ leads me to believe their will be additional seasons available for episodic or seasonal paid download for the foreseeable future.

If you haven’t played Halo 4 and you desire to do so you have a few options. First the standard edition of Halo 4, new, is available from retailers starting at £49.99. If you are looking for a more ostentatious package the Limited Edition comes packed with additional content including a live action 90-Minute mini-series entitled “Forward Until Dawn” and is available new at the price of £69.99. Players looking for the completely Spartan experience could opt for the specially designed Halo 4 Xbox 360 Bundle which comes with a Halo 4 Xbox, Halo 4 controller (£39.99 alone), and of course a new copy of Halo 4 for the low price of £269.99.

If any gamers plan on buying any of these products keep in mind two details: one, you must have Xbox Live Gold to download and participate in Spartan Ops, Chat, Multiplayer, or any other online functionality which would set you back around £24 for three months. Second, in order to play Multiplayer, which includes Spartan Ops players must have 8GB of free storage, and given the most popular Xbox unit comes with 4GBs most players would probably upgrade their Hard Drive to the 250GB version which sells at £63.

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