New Star Trek MMO Announced

New Star Trek MMO Announced

NGames to publish a new Star Trek MMORPG where players choose to play for the Federation or the Klingons and explore Fluidic Space.

A new Star Trek MMO, hosted on, pits the Federation against the Klingons in uncharted Fluidic Space. Players have to build up a fleet of various classes of starships to defend against the enemy, whether that’s the Federation, the Klingons, or a new race, Species 8427. No release date has been set as of yet.

Whichever side you play on, you’ll have to build and upgrade your bases, technology, and ships in order to survive. Some of the ships available include Constitution-class ships, Defiant-class ships, Birds of Prey, D7s, and new super starships.

NGames-Star-Trek-MMOThe story begins when, after many unsuccessful attempts to get to Fluidic Space, a Federation ship receives a message that a ship has found a way in through an unstable wormhole and has even established an outpost there.

The Federation quickly decides to send in reinforcements and, since the Klingons manage to intercept this information, the Klingons dispatch some ships of their own through the wormhole as it opens. With both empires now in Fluidic Space, players have to survive conflicts with their enemy as well as monsters and the “mysterious” Species 8427.

Not much about the game has been announced as of yet, although its predecessor, Star Trek Online, did not fare well with critics, receiving a 66/100 on Metacritic. This is the first Star Trek MMO from NGames, however, as Star Trek Online was published by Namco Bandai., owned by NGames Interactive Limited, is an web portal to a number of online games such as the Pockie Pirates and Pockie Saints series as well as the Cyber Monster games. The website hosts a number of social games and allows users to access beta versions of upcoming titles. They will also be releasing Xeno Quest—a game made in the Unity Engine—this summer.


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