Primal Carnage Steam Sale and DLC is Announced

Primal Carnage Steam Sale

Primal Carnage is 50% off and receives new content during Steam Sale.


Lukewarm Media’s has recently decided to treat new and old fans alike during this week’s Steam Sales. Primal Carnage will be on sale for 50% off  and will receive new content: In addition, the “Dinobuster dlc” will also be on sale for $1.
New Content
  • Capture the Egg will be the new game mode added to Primal Carnage. Capture the Egg is a variant of the standard “Capture the flag mode” where players must carry a dinosaur’s egg back to base. The difference comes from the mechanic that forms around the egg as players can damage the dinosaur’s egg which will yield no points for the team. This game mode is available as a free patch and will release in beta form. The game mode will also come with a new map titled “Forgotten Outpost” and Lukewarm Media will be actively listening to player feedback about this new game mode.
  • Priaml Carnage will also be seeing new Dinosaur skins. These three skins are titled Cryolophosaurus, Tupandactylus, and Oviraptor; each modeled after the respective dinosaur. The new skin offer different physical attribute and each skin has two variants for player versatility.
This will not be it for Lukewarm Media as they will be investing more time into new content for the unique first person shooter in the future. If readers are interested in learning more about the game, make sure to check out their website which has recently received a massive overhaul.
Primal Carnage is available now at Steam, GameStop, GamersGate, and Rain. For more information visit, ‘Like’ Primal Carnage on Facebook, and follow the game @PrimalCarnagefor all the latest updates and news.