Silkroad Online Offering Comforting Game Play Experience

Silkroad Online Offering Comforting Game Play Experience

On November 27, 2012, Joymax, leading online game developer and publisher publicized that their world renown MMORPG, Silkroad Online will be made for players of all skill levels.

Silkroad Online is free-to-play and is enjoyed by over 15 million players around the world. The new “Ignite Silkroad Part 1″ Elevation” upgrade allows everyone to enjoy and take part in the new and enhanced gameplay experience.

The new improvements that gamers preferred is the balanced of experience. Players of Silkroad Online will be able to level up at a much faster pace then ever before. This perk will allow players to realize the games rich content without the needless chore of grinding.

Another favorite of the players is “Rested Experience  Rested Experience will allow players to gain experience even when they aren’t able to play, so gamers that don’t have the time to play as often as others, will still receive experience points.

“From system improvements to new features, Silkroad Online’s new update will help every type of player in the game,” commented CEO of Joymax, Nam-Chul Kim. “The series of the Ignite Silkroad enhancements will make it easy for everyone to jump right in the vast world of Silkroad for the ultimate in the fast-paced action”

Don’t worry players that have already reached the max level cap, You will be able to create a new character starting from level 101. However this unique experience will only be available for a limited time. Starting with your new character will allow veteran players the chance to witness the all new improvement of Silkroad Online.

For those wondering, yes there will be even more exciting new updates. To top it all off Joymax will be presenting all current players with 1000 percent experience as a special thank you for the sucess of “Joymax Day.”

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