Spaceforce Homeworld Is landing

Spaceforce Homeworld Is landing

Spaceforce Homeworld

For hundreds of years humans have searched for an answer to the eternal question: Are we alone in the universe? Get your plasma gun, rocket or laser firing because the aliens are invading!

Spaceforce Homeworld is a game in which you the player fight large numbers of aliens, by shooting them before they can get you. You fight on both land, in space, use the enemies weapons and power-ups to drive them from the home-world.

Battle though tons of levels with seemingly unending waves of alien invaders which always seem to change. Pick up valuable power-ups including weapon upgrades that can turn your tank or spaceship into a even more lethal machine. It is necessary that you take risks in order to get to the end of your mission alive. Upgrades like mines and missiles will also be added to your growing arsenal to take out the invaders. The two spaceships: Valkyrie and Fighter, will help your mission to annihilate the alien motherships responsible for destroying earth’s capital cities!


· Enjoy classic arcade gameplay, blast the aggressive aliens and save the planet earth
· Select your tank, pilot a spaceship
· Navigate your vehicle through clouds of plasma missiles
· Collect power-ups while destroying your enemies, on your way to becoming a formidable defender of the earth
· An amazing playing experience, that is bound to keep you glued to your seat throughout the game
· You will face over 50 different missions against the Allied Aliens
· Defend 10 capital cities throughout the world
· Defeat all the alien motherships that were responsible for the destruction of the cities, at the end of each section
· Call various air strikes and enjoy the show
· Amazing weather effects, night and day
· Easy to use controls ensures that even novice players handle the vehicles like a pro
· The accompanying sounds flows with the visuals, enhancing the game playing experience, infusing it with
sublime beauty
· Easy to pick up and learn but a real challenge to beat

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