Sprylab Develops Tripengine For Developers

Sprylab Develops Tripengine For Developers

The development company behind the game engine “tripengine”, sprylab, has opened up new possibilities  for developers of games dealing with location.

With smartphones and tablet sales becoming more famous every day with Apple selling over 400 of their tablets in the middle of this year. The ideas of location-based services and augmented reality in smartphones and tablets have come up regarding their massive success. With these concepts app developers have been presented with new opportunities that they weren’t privy to in the past. Gaming gods bless technology and sprylab.

Thanks be to sprylab developing a location-based game has become more simple and less complex. They have made their game engine called tripengine and tripeditor available to developers, agencies, and any other creative industry that would use them. Having released four of its own games including, Inspector Tripton, Fall of the Wall, Secret City, and Rocco Ratcha. They are basically a virtual tour a city with interactive characters and a story to follow. Current cities allowing tripengine titles are Berlin, London, Paris, Rome, and other major European cities. Here is hoping for an American release, preferably where I live or I could develop my own.

Sprylab is wanting app developers, game designers, and any other media to access tripengine and use it to create their own unique adventures and projects. Under the slogan “Guide, tour, game? our engine – hundreds of opportunities.”

“tripengine is a fantastic opportunity for app developers to implement their ideas and concepts”, says Benjamin Kolb, Managing Director of sprylab GmbH. “I don’t think it has ever been easier to stage a simple, location-based story than with tripengine. We also offer developers very interesting cooperation and licencing models for using tripengine. No matter whether you are a small team or an international publisher, we provide all interested parties with quick and easy access to tripengine.”

sprylab is currently speaking with many revered developers and they are expecting more contracts with tripventure partners to be concluded soon. Whether you are a developer, designer, or just a gamer of any type tripengine is a great platform. So get your virtual tour and gaming on and for more information check out these sites below.



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