Square Enix celebrates 11 years of Final Fantasy XI with free add-ons!

11 years of Final Fantasy XI

Celebrate 11 years of Final Fantasy XI with free content!

SQUARE ENIX celebrates 11 years of Final Fantasy XI with a limited-time, free download of three battle area add-ons for Final Fantasy XI. All three add-ons are available to users who have registered and installed “Rise of the Zilart” and “Wings of the Goddess” expansion packs, as well as reached level 30 11 years of Final Fantasy XIin at least one job.

ABYSSEA ADD-ONS– Originally a $10 download each, is now available for free to registered users. The three add-ons are Vision of Abyssea, Scars of Abyssea and Heroes of Abyssea. These battle area add-ons spawn a variety of new monsters for you to fight your way through, Empyrean equipment to arm yourself with and unique histories for players to enjoy.

STARTER PACK– Square Enix is also offering a starter pack filled with in-game goodies to help players 11 years of Final Fantasy XIwho haven’t set foot on Abyssea. The starter pack includes eleven of the most popular Atma, which boosts player’s characters in a variety of ways. One Lunar Abyssite will be given. this is essential for equipping and using atma, and players already in possession of the lunar abyssite will receive 100,000 cruor instead. Finally, an increase to initial traverser stone stocks will enable further adventures in Abyssea, which lets the bearer stay within the world for thirty minutes.

For further information and history behind the add-ons, visit playonline.com!

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