Table Top Racing for Playstation Vita Announced

Table Top Racing for Playstation Vita Announced


Developer Playrise Digital and publisher Ripstone announced that Table Top Racing will be making its way to Playstation Vita on August 6th in North America and August 8th in Europe for $7.99. The title will also be available on the Playstation Store for download.

Catalyst Vita PDEL-1001Table Top Racing is a brand new racing game that pits players against different custom-made cars on numerous table top tracks.

These tracks will contain all types of obstacles and power-ups for players to use against other cars on the track. The game will also include championship mode, quick play, and drift modes with over 30 special events for players to look forward to. Multiplayer and local play will also be supported with up to 4 players.

The Playstation Vita brings out all the power of the game with 60fps, beautiful environments, double the polygon counts, textures resolution, and handling of the cars. The vita also brings out the rear touch features for the best controls when racing.

The team who created the game is composed of ex-Sony Liverpool game designer and co-creator of WipEout, Nick Burcombe. The game has been very popular on mobile devices with over 5.3 million downloads.

 We believe that Table Top Racing for PlayStation Vita is the ultimate version of our award winning micro combat racer. The Vita has enhanced our game in so many ways with our favourite addition being the hugely improved multi-player mode. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Ripstone to bring this improved Table Top Racing to Vita gamers and we hope they enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it.


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