Tomb Raider Limited Edition Xbox 360 Controller

Tomb Raider Limited Edition Controller

Tomb Raider Limited Edition ControllerWith the release approaching of the new Tomb Raider game, Microsoft, Crystal Dynamics, and Square Enix have unveiled a new limited edition Xbox 360 controller. It will arrive in time for the game, which is slated for a release 5th March 2013, and its estimated retail price will be £39.99

With the purchase of the controller, as an extra incentive, but only from GAME in the UK, you will receive a download token. The token will allow you to download an exclusive playable character named Scavenger Archer.

So what does the Tomb Raider Limited Edition controller have to offer?

In the looks department, it features a two-layer colour finish with laser etching to create a realistic, yet worn appearance (red with battle scars). Of course the worn appearance is intentional, and is inspired by the climbing axe and tourniquets she carries in the latest game, after the adventure.

The controller will also feature a customisable D-pad. It will be able to change from the standard design, to a disc pattern for better control, and will allow extra wireless range, at 30-feet.

Will you be getting the new Tomb Raider game? Would you be interested in the controller? I actually think it looks pretty good with its battle-scarred finish.

Something I’ve just found out though, that may interest you folks, is the fact ESRB, that gives all games ratings based off of maturity guidelines, seems to have given Tomb Raider an 18+ rating… I wonder why? We’ll have to keep you all updated on this.

On second note, it seems like everywhere has been updated to list it as Rating Pending… How odd. Perhaps they have been forced to change something in the game?

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