Villian Trailer Revealed for Black Ops 2

Villian Trailer Revealed for Black Ops 2

Developer Activison have realised another teaser for there new triple A COD title Black Ops 2. The game is a sequel to the to the 2010 smash hit Black Ops, this time it is set in 2025 and Mason (The main protagonist from the original game) is in a retirement home, so you get to play as Sgt Frank Woods of the USMC as he fights a army of renegade machines in America, and a unknown enemy Raul Menendez.The game seems to switch between continence and between timelines. So there will be some missions were you become Mason once more.

The game seems to be focusing on near future tech with things like computer controlled robots, planes, tanks and pretty much everything in 2025. As the bad guy (Raul Menedez) has the knowledge to hack the american tech army to wield for his own, so you the player must fight against killer robots to defend your home country.

Activision has given some more details to there villain in the upcoming game, and has stated: “Raul Menendez is idolized as the Messiah of the 99%, yet underneath the surface lurks an insidious mastermind hell bent on global insurrection.”

Many magazines such as USA Today and Forbes have said that it is a “ambitious” and that it has “brilliant visuals and adrenaline-inducing gameplay”

Overall I believe that this game should bring many new and interesting elements to a all ready amazing franchise.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is to be released on the 13th of November for the UK on all platforms with a midnight launch.