Wii Party U Releases on The Wii U

Wii Party U Hits Store Shelves October 25th

Wii Party U Rocks It Out On The Wii U

The Wii U recently launched it’s popular family friendly, exclusive title, Wii Party U. The game features a variety of mini games and party modes that all feature 4 player support. To help promote this, the game will be launching with a Wii Remote Plus bundle, while supplies last.

Wii Party U features more then 80 mini games and will have a wide array of party modes to go along with them. These new party modes change the intensity gameplay, as your experience can be a casual 5 minute game or a intense competitive challenge against friends. For example, when players chose the TV Party mode games can last between 20 and 60 minutes. This mode throws in more mechanics that promote a competitive atmosphere among other players.

Check out the trailer before to see some of the unique mini games being offered by Wii Party U

Nintendo will also be releasing a new Wii U Bundle on November 15th. The Wii Party U Basic Pack will feature the white 8GB Wii U, white Wii U GamePad, Wii Remote Plus controller, and disc copies of Wii Party U and Nintendo Land.
Writer’s Opinion
This is a very successful series for Nintendo and I am sure it will bring it will strike big with current and new Wii U consumers. However, the controller bundle isn’t helping the image of the console. Many consumers still think that the Wii U is a new controller, not a new console. Bundling the game with the Wii Remote Plus Controller is only going to add to this confusion. At first glance, consumers will recognize the controller and might affiliate the entire package as a Wii experience. I really can’t wrap my head around why Nintendo wouldn’t bundle the game with the tablet controller, or at the very least releases the Wii U bundle at the same time. Sure their might be a slight loss on a tablet bundle, but Nintendo needs more sales. This needs to be their main goal because their great exclusive won’t mean anything if there isn’t a consumer base to buy them. They need to drive home the fact that this is a new console, and consumers need to upgrade to get these new experiences.
For further details:
Wii Party U website http://www.nintendo.co.uk/wiipartyu
Wii U website http://wiiu.co.uk