Z Origins (Z: The Game)

Z Origins (Z: The Game)

Today digital publisher Kavcom has released Z Origins (Z: The Game), a complete digital remastering of The Bitmap Brothers for most Android devises. You can now experience the real time rush and addiction of strategic warfare as this game completely reworking there original game “The Bitmap Brothers” with its classic action and gameplay. Z Origins on Android features a unique score that follows the fast-paced action and real-time flow of the battle, along with the humor delivered through movie intros and outros, which defined the original game Z.

Build up your forces of six robot soldier units, and take control, to land grab for the whole supremacy across five planets in the galaxy, each with unique terrain with very unique design form arctic to molten lava. Each unit having there own special actions and with over forty different personalities they can each turn the tide of a battle as will they stay and follow orders, or will they run for there lives!

Your army has a huge arsenal at its disposal with heavy weapons to vehicles like tanks and jeeps, to help your troops travel the harsh environments. Capture and control installations to seizes victory over your enemies . Play on your own, or get the help from so helpful robot leaders.

Mike Montgomery, one of the founders and sole owner of The Bitmap Brothers, said “We know the Android community has been waiting feverishly for Z: The Game to arrive. We’re confident the additional hours spent refining the gameplay for the various Android powered handsets and tablets is going to be appreciated by the passionate global fan base. It’s exciting to think our committed fan base are helping Commander Zod take another step towards gaming platform domination”.

The game will be available today at the Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.kavcom.ZOrigins

To find out more about the game visit the site at: www.zthegame.com