APB Getting Top-Down with Reloaded

APB Getting Top-Down with Reloaded

All Points Bulletin, or APB, once an MMO called “APB: Retribution,” will now receive a top-down shooter version called APB: Reloaded.

Developer Realtime Worlds, which was acquired by Reloaded Productions, is calling it a “complement” to Retribution” by “exploring a different style of action-based gameplay.” The game will take the player from the main streets of San Paro, the main setting of Retribution, and plop them right into the underworld of San Paro’s dilapidated backstreets.

The top-down shooter has been explored in the past, and this game will feature “one-shot kills and fluid movement,” adding a new challenge for players to survive.


The game will include the following features (at a glance):

-Play as a member of San Paro’s Fallen – the dangerous and disposed living on the backstreets of San Paro

-Complete a single player story as you seek retribution against ‘Old Harry’ – the Horca leader who left you for dead in an attempted gangland killing

-Battle Horca clan members, bosses, and other characters in tough-to-clear urban locations

-Use a variety of weaponry and equipment to deal with your enemies

-Become skilled in fluid, top-down, tactical combat with an intuitive touch interface

The game will hit the IOS platform first this month, while the other platforms will follow later.