EA Sports UFC Announces Career And Online Mode Details

EA Sports UFC Announces Career

EA Sports UFC Announces Career And Online Mode Details

New details regarding EA Sports’ UFC have been revealed. In career mode, you can create your fighter and from there you can join the Ultimate Fighter and earn your spot in the UFC like that. Along the way, UFC fighters will help you along the way and you can use their teachings to help you in the Octagon.

BmeZTS8IYAA4_y7.png mediumAs mentioned, if you win the Ultimate Fighters that will punch your ticket into the UFC.

The career mode is interesting and how your perform will effect your fighter. For example, if you take damage fight in and fight out and engage in 5 round wars, you’re fighter will be negatively effected. As in, your prime years will be cut down significantly.


On the flip side, if you’re scoring spectacular knockouts and winning your fights rather easily you’ll skyrocket up the rankings and your popularity will increase. That will lead to an increase in endorsement deals, give your fighter new gear, and you’ll receive visits from legendary fighters.

The career mode wasn’t the only thing EA Sports revealed. They also mentioned a little bit about the online portion of the game.

Online Championships– Online Championship will let you prove how you stack up against the rest of the world.  Win enough to climb the ranks of the best players and fight for the belts in the toughest divisions.

Online Rivalries– Each rivalry tracks head-to-head stats for providing an in depth analysis and multiple rivalries are supported simultaneously.

FighterNet– Your HUB to track all of your online competition. Track and compare your stats against friends and rivals, share fight highlights, and maybe even have your highlight featured in the Highlights of the Night. Plus, get access to some of the latest UFC content as and when available with the UFC Spotlight feature


That’s about it for now, but remember, EA Sports UFC will be available later this year for the PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For more information on EA Sports UFC, you can head on over to their Facebook page here, their Twitter here, and you can check out the EA Sports UFC website here.

So, with that said, what do you guys think? Are you looking forward to EA Sports‘ UFC? Are you excited about the career and online modes EA Sports is purposing? Let us know in the comments below.