Action RPG ‘Legends of Persia’ for January Release

Action RPG ‘Legends of Persia’ for January Release

Diablo-style Indie Game Legends of Persia will be released for PC in January 2014

Indie developer, Sourena Game Studio, has announced the release of Legends of Persia for the PC in January 2014.The game, featuring over 8 hours of single-player action over 5 beautiful locations and more than 200 weapons and items, is similar in style to the massively popular Diablo series, incorporating a similar cocktail of battles, blood, intriguing storyline and character development. On top of all of that, the game will feature 18 types of magic, each with their own uses, as well as 3 different, fully customizable characters to play as, and more than 30 types of enemy to hack your way through. There’s also a comprehensive crafting system to enjoy, and hunting mechanics to add real RPG flavour to the gameplay.

The story is a standard RPG storyline set in Persia, with Keykhosro, the son of a Persian prince, seeking revenge for the murder of his Father. This involves traversing several different environments, encountering a variety of different bosses, and confronting Afriasiab, his Father’s killer, once and for all.

The game has already been highly successful on Steam Greenlight, with more and more players joining every day, and the full release in January 2014 is expected to add more of the same gameplay and impressive graphics.

See gameplay footage from Legends of Persia below:

The studio has announced that expansions will be added post-release, adding new quests and likely new characters and gameplay features. On top of this, and of great excitement to PC gamers, Sourena have revealed that the game is built with modding in mind, meaning that new content will be almost always available as players build their own mods for the title.

Legends of Persia is set for release on PC in January 2014.

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