Autumn Dynasty gets slashed by 40% in Blackberry World

Autumn Dynasty gets slashed by 40% in Blackberry World

Who says war can’t look great

Until November 14th RTS fans can download developer Touch Dimensions first title Autumn Dynasty in Blackberry World at a discounted price of $2.99. This price cut of 40% is part of Blackberry’s “Sweet November Deals”.

Autumn Dynasty 1The game built originally for the Blackberry 10 uses the Blackberry’s touchscreen to offer gamers a unique way to play RTS games. Through the touchscreen you have control over thousands of soldiers using simple brushstrokes to lead your army to victory. Along with controlling them in battle you’ll also be using the touchscreen to train your army as well as construct buildings and research upgrades.

The art style on the maps are based on the oriental style of painting which sets the era in which this game takes place in very well.


So I either stun them with smoke or burn them with fire first?

Autumn Dynasty is split into three separate games modes. There’s a story campaign where you have to save the Autumn Empire from the White Devil Rebellion and learn the source behind it. As well as these structured levels there’s also a free-from Skirmish mode as well as a Blitz mode for when you want to just jump into the action. All three modes have multiple difficulty settings as well as the usual achievements and competed on Scoreloop.

Now a game like this would be suited very well for multiplayer so thankfully there’s internet and Bluetooth multiplayer so you can challenge people from all over the world and by using unique abilities along with your own skill you should be able to turn the tide of any battle.

Autumn Dynasty is currently only $2.99 on Blackberry and if you want your copy than here’s the link you’re looking for