World of the Living Dead: Resurrection begins Closed Beta Testing

World of the Living Dead: Resurrection

Survival Strategy Zombie Browser Game by designers of Legends of Zork and NationStates 2 begins small-scale testing with new OpenStreetMap based game engine

After a four month shutdown to change the engine from google maps to OpenStreetMap, Ballardia and Scraggly Dog games are excited to announce that World of the Living Dead: Resurrection has entered beta testing. The beta is being tested by over two hundred players across the world to ensure the game matches up to the experience zombie fans can expect.

Built for a more hardcore fan base, WotLD is a strategy game that tasks you as a National Emergency Control  and Relief Agency who has been given control of a small squad of survivors on Santa Catalina, an island off the coast of California. The squad has been ordered to enter LA county where twelve thousand zombies roam the streets for food.


Survivors must search for food, manage fatigue, and monitor their fear levels. Along the way players will level up and earn more skill points and become able to equip better weapons. If a player dies he is dead forever and must start over from scratch. The game uses real settings by using the US census data to work out the density of zombies in different areas. The game will also use OSM to place items for survivors to scavenge  supplies.

Gamers will be given missions to manage supplies and growing their groups through different important missions, and eventually have up to forty different survivors to manage. Info cards will help boost stats, repair items, and other uses.

World of the Living Dead: Resurrection is scaling up beta testing from a few hundred players, to a few thousand over the next few weeks as it continues to work with the new game engine. If interested in getting a beta key go to Follow the team on twitter at

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