Celebrate The Year of Luigi With Mario and Luigi Dream Team

Celebrate The Year of Luigi With Mario and Luigi Dream Team
Mario and Luigi Dream Team will continue to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original video game underdog Luigi. Nintendo is keeping the love for the character strong with the new release of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, available exclusively  for the Nintendo 3DS on August 11. The game lets players dive inside the mind of Luigi, literally. Players adventure into the imaginative and creative dreams of the green plumber to help save the new island of Pi’llo from a new and mysterious villain. Players can alter the dream in an Inception-like manner by using the touch screen on  the Nintendo 3DS system. New to the game are the amazing and hilarious luiginary attacks. By spawning hundred of mini Luigi, players can take out their enemies in a comedic style by forming wacky items, like a giant hammer, to do battles with an army of nightmares.

Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing,

“For 30 years, Mario and Luigi have formed the cornerstone of the video game industry. Original and quality experiences like Mario & Luigi: Dream Team make now the best time to own a Nintendo 3DS.”

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is the fourth game in the fantastically charming series of RPG featuring the Italian brothers. The difference between Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, from its predecessors, is the amazing dream world of Luigi where possibilities are only held back by the limitations of Luigi’s imagination. Players control both brothers as they explore the isometric 3D world of Pi’illo Island. Mario has been separated from Luigi and both characters are located in different environments, but players still control both in order to help each other out complete objectives. These characters will earn experience points, level up, offer stat distribution, along with a welcome return of customizable gear. When Mario pairs up with Luigi, he can also unleash some epic attacks that destroy all who stand in front of them. The game is full of creative gameplay ideas that take full advantage of the 3DS hardware.


The game also promises to still have the trademark humor that will be funnier than ever. A batch of new quirky characters have been served to the island of Pi’illo and of course the over the top action in Luigi’s dreams will bring some great laughs.

In addition to retail stores, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team can also be purchased and downloaded in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. Also launching on Aug. 11 is the new black Nintendo 3DS XL system, joining the currently available range of colors – blue, red and pink.

Writers Opinion

It has been awesome to see the love that Nintendo has put into their mascot’s shadow this year. Luigi is my personal favorite character in the Mario Universe and I always felt that he deserved more attention. His dopey, cowardly manor has always appealed to me and I find him to be one the funniest characters coming out of Nintendo. He out performs Mario in every physical aspect, and it is about time the character received more love. Hopefully Nintendo continues to put out more Luigi products in the future so he can finally live up to his full potential. Happy 30th Anniversary Luigi!

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