Crytek Commits to Homefront 2

Crytek Commits to Homefront 2

With the fall of THQ Inc. Crytek  has announced they are buying the rights to the Homefront universe. Goodness has come in the form of Homefront 2.



Crytek has had their eye on Homefront way back in 2011, when THQ was doing great and showed no sign of filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Since then however, THQ has fallen on difficult times and Crytek stepped up to secure the rights to the game franchise. CEO of Crytek, Cevat Yerli said:

Since we first reached an agreement to develop Homefront 2, we’ve been firm believers in the IP and its potential to excite and amaze players. Our cooperation with THQ was always positive and we would like to thank them for all their support over the last two years and express our sympathy to those affected by the recent events at the company.

Development for Homefront 2 will continue at Crytek’s UK studio in Nottingham. Nick Button-Brown assures that,

From day one, the Homefront 2 team has been committed to creating a game that takes the series to new heights and features the level of quality and innovation associated with Crytek. Nothing has changed with regards our development of the game, and we look forward to sharing the finished product with players.

With other game franchises of Crytek’s like that of Crysis, and the Far Cry  series, the studio shows they have the creative willpower and ability to make Homefront 2 into a fantastic game. Since its foundation in 1999 Crytek has gained many awards and accolades for their games. In 2011 they received the 2011 Develop Award for Best Independent Studio.

As well as earning the 2010 Red Dot Design Award. Crysis 2 received the Best Shooter of E3 2010 and Gamescom 2010. Warface was awarded the Best Social/Casual/Online Game of Gamescom 2012. With the list of awards, Crytek indeed has the ability to make Homefront 2 truly amazing. 

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