War of the Roses Adds Scotsmen

War of the Roses Adds Scotsmen

For those who fancy military battles including swords, horses, and Scottish men, then check out the latest update from War of the Roses.

War of the Roses

Paradox Interactive released a new update for their online medieval battle game War of the Roses. The armies of Lancaster and York have been in a bout for years and require new weapons and armor to defend themselves. The update includes what Paradox Interactive title the “Gallowglass Mercenary Pack” and features the unique Scottish mercenaries from the middle ages.

These Scotsmen seek to destroy the English by using their brute force strength and the spirit of William Wallace. The Scottish come equipped with the Gallowglass Mercenary Pack which includes the Gallowglass mail armor and helmet as well as two new axes, and the Halflang Sword. For those who loved the film Braveheart now is the chance to take on the soul of William Wallace and defend your freedom from the English army.

War of the Roses is a third person team based action game taking place in 15th Century England. Join either the side of Lancaster or York and battle over who gets the throne. Between the years of 1455-1485 England was full of backstabbing, war, and countless bloodshed. War of the Roses features;

  • Over 30 authentic weapons branching over 10 categories. 
  • Many gear customization options.
  • Three different armor types ranging from light, medium, and heavy. Each with there own benefits or downfalls.
  • Over 30 perks that let you mold a unique character and give them special abilities.
  • Roam the battlefields on horseback or fight man to man.
  • Giant 64 player competition in Team Death Match or Conquest mode.

War of the Roses has had its fair share of free downloadable content since its release in October 2012. From battling across maps laden with snow, to battling through the “Pitched Battle” more, as well as the copious amount of weapons, armor, and customization details. Paradox Interactive was very gracious enough to showcase all of these things and more in a trailer they are calling Winter has Arrived. 

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