Disney Infinity sales pass 3 million worldwide!

Disney Infinity sales pass 3 million worldwide!

The Disney Infinity sales are so ludicrously high that it’s made the 10th best selling game in the US

Disney had received word from The New York Times, a popular news paper read among the public of New York informing them of their Disney Infinity starter sales since it’s release last summer. Once the game launched, already 294,000 sales were made in the first two weeks in the US according to Disney. This release almost swamped it’s main rival, Skylander’s SWAP Force which was released in October didn’t make the list, however it was in the top 10 sellers for December.

If you’re sitting there wondering what this game is about? Well it’s an action and sandbox game which was developed by Avalanche Software and published by Disney Interactive Studio’s. The game was announced back in 2013 and had an incredible budget, with the recent statistics it appears like it was worth it as it simply brushed Skylander’s of it’s shoulders. However this game does burrow aspects from Skylanders, and that’s the collectible figurines that allow you to play as the characters you’ve collected from both Disney and Pixar films or series. The game has a series of sets from you to choose from, an example would be the set from the Pirates of the Caribbean which will have a series of missions for you to complete. Your characters will have a double jump and an attack, this additionally comes with a special ability. The other mode is Toy Box mode which allows you to create your own arena or world with friends.

Avalanche Software is confident that the game will succeed on the next gen consoles as well, the collectibles that you own from the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions will still be playable on the newer consoles which is always a big plus. To be honest I was skeptical of this game, I never thought that Skylanders or games like this would succeed due to their pricing. But it seems like I was wrong, perhaps there is room for another famous franchise in gaming.

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