Dokuro gets January 30 Release Date

Dokuro gets January 30 Release Date

GungHo Online Entertainment America confirmed that Dokuro will be available on January 30th for the Playstation Vita. It will be available as a digital download for the Vita in Europe and will cost €14.99. Dokuro has won a few awards, such as “Best PS Vita Puzzle Game” and “Original Game of the Year.”

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “What, exactly, is a Dokuro, and is it contagious?” This is a common question, and as a journalist I’m here to provide answers. Now, I’m no doctor, but I can tell you that it isn’t contagious. In fact, it is the name of a skeletal minion in the puzzle game.

I don’t know why any decent skeletal parent would name their child “Dokuro” but they get points for originality since I’m sure the skeleton world is full of kids with names like “Bones” and “Marrow” and the occasional “Fibula” and “Femur.”


So this Dokuro chap is a minion of the Dark Lord, and he sees the Dark Lord kidnap a princess. I’m sure he’s seen hundreds if not thousands of princess-nappings in his career, but for some reason this particular kidnapping bothers him. He’s probably going through a mid-minion crisis.

He decides to rescue her and battle his way through the castle, which is full of traps and puzzles, since the trap and puzzle industry has always had a close working relationship with bad guys. Players of Dokuro will puzzle and fight their way through about 150 levels.