Dragon Age Inquisition release date confirmed

Dragon Age Inquisition release date confirmed

Dragon Age Inquisition release date has been confirmed for October 2014

Bioware announced today through an epic gameplay trailer the release of its first generation game, Dragon Age: Inquistion, releasing in stores and digitally October 7th in North America and Ocotober 10th in Europe.

In the newest title set in the world of Thedas, the land has been ravaged a mysterious bright light in the sky, where gamers will take the role as the Inquisitor whose goal is to lead a team to find the answers.

Aaron Flynn, General Manager at Bioware Edmonton and Montreal shared his excitement:

Our goal with Dragon Age: Inquisition is to usher in the next-generation of role playing games. Players will experience the rich storylines and characters that they’ve come to expect from BioWare, in an expansive world with large open environments just begging to be explored.

All gamers who pre-order the game will receive special bonuses which can be found at the Dragon Age website. More information about the deluxe editions and epic Inquisitor’s Edition are also available for pre-order. Become a fan of Dragon Age: Inquisition on Facebook and follow them on Twitter® via http://www.twitter.com/dragonage

Dragon Age: Inquisition, will be available on xbox-360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC via Origin.

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