Pokemon TV App Now Available For Kindle Fire

Pokemon TV App Now Available

Gotta watch ’em all; Pokemon TV App now available for Kindle Fire

Fans of Pokemon as they’ll have more options on when and where to watch Pokemon. Also, those folks that have a Kindle Device can rejoice as well. The Pokemon TV App is now available on the Kindle Fire.

The Pokemon TV App launched last year and since its launch in 2013 the Pokemon TV App has had more than 2.5 million installations on iOS devices. The iOS devices include the iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch.

Pokemon-TVNow featuring more episodes than ever before, the Pokémon TV app helps fans follow many of their favorite episodes from the animated television series. It is updated weekly from a library of more than 700 episodes spanning 16 seasons. Pokémon fans can also use the app to watch special features, trailers, and Pokémon movie events.

Additionally, fans can watch popular Pokémon animated episodes and movies on Netflix and at Pokemon.com, providing more ways to catch up on the exciting adventures of Ash, Pikachu, and their friends.

Also, as an FYI:  when streaming the Pokemon TV App, standard data charges will apply. The Pokémon TV app is available now for download from the Amazon Appstore here. Also, you can check out their Facebook page here, follow them on Twitter here, and you can check out the website here for more information.

While this is about the Pokemon TV App coming to Kindle Fire, if you’re just now hearing about the Pokemon TV App and would like to give it a look on your iOS device here is the link for that.

As always, what do you guys think? Are you going to download and watch Pokemon on your Kindle Fire? How big of a Pokemon fan are you? Let us know your thoughts using the comments below.