EA Announces Next Generation Need For Speed Rivals Release Date

EA Announces Next Generation Need For Speed Rivals Release Date

Need For Speed Rivals Arrives To Next Generation Consoles November 22 In Europe

The critically acclaim Need For Speed Series will be arriving to next generation consoles with their latest entry Need For Speed Rivals. The winner of the official Game Critics Award for “Best Racing Game” at  E3 2013  is set to release to the European market on November 22 for the Xbox One, and November 29 for the PlayStation 4. The game will also release for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on November 19th. The executive producer for Need For Speed Rivals  explained earlier that the game will not come to the Nintendo Wii U. Players who pre order the game at select retailers can get the bonus Ultimate Cop DLC Pack for no extra cost.

Need for Speed Rivals offers two career modes where players will have to decide to go behind the wheel as either a cop or a street racer. Each career offers different challenges, rewards, tech, and of course cars. Players must stay focus on the goal as career modes collide all around the world thanks to the new AllDrive feature. AllDrive seamlessly connects single player and multiplayer as races/chases can collide into your game at any time.

To join the conversation on Need for Speed Rivals, please visithttp://www.facebook.com/needforspeed, follow them on Twitter® atwww.twitter.com/needforspeed and #NeedforSpeed. Press assets for Need for Speed Rivals are available at http://info.ea.com.

Writers Opinion

I am really interested to see how the AllDrive feature will work in the game. The idea of having players games crash into one another seems like a fun concept, but could it possibly be getting two hectic? Will you be passing a empty intersection which is all of the sudden filled with high speed cars aiming right at you? If it blends in right, I think this will actually be a revolutionary feature when it comes to driving games. The idea of the roads beind alive is actually really cool, I just hope there is some planning when it comes too how players enter other player’s worlds.