EA E3 2013 Conference Round Up

EA E3 2013 Conference Round Up

EA E3 2013 Conference Round Up 

EA’s Peter Moore steps out on stage and talks about eleven great games that will be featured on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Moore talks about EA’s blockbuster games like Battlefield, Madden, NBA Live, Dragon Age, and some surprises.Start11

The first game EA shows off is a trailer for what looks like Battlefield 4, but no, EA throws the curveball and it is Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. It is a fun, cartoon, 3rd person game. The developers for Plants vs Zombies show off a 4 player co-op where you can play as a Cactus, Peashooter, Sunflower and a Chomper which all have their own different features.

After showing off a little bit of gameplay for Plants vs Zombies, that is not all. EA also announces Peggle 2. The classical song “Ode to Joy” is played and that was it.

After that very quick announcement, the developers of Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment, come out on stage and talk about Titanfall.

Developed by DICE and powered by the Frostbite 3 engine, Star Wars Battlefront gets a brief glimpse and gets quite a roar. Easily the fan favourite up to this point. Not much more than that, but that was enough to jazz everybody up in the audience. Real, legit, applause…not canned applause.

Need For Speed Rivals is next. Need For Speed Rivals is grounded about rivals not only between the player and the AI, but with the player and his friend. Need For Speed Rivals looks to destroy the line between single player and multiplayer. During the demo, a player was driving, and all of a sudden, in a very seamless fashion, another player joined in and started chasing him with a police cruiser. That was not all, though. A third player jumped in and was able to play that same game using an iPad with Microsoft’s SmartGlass app.

Need for speed

Bioware’s Dragon Age: Inquistion is due out Fall 2014, exclusively on the next gen consoles. Dragon Age: Inquisition is an open-world game and Morrigam will be returning. That was all the information we got out of that. The audience was quite pleased with this as well.

Now, we transition over to the Sports side of EA. Old school sports games of the ’90s featuring Madden and NHL are shown and eventually the sizzle trailer goes through the years to now. First up is NBA Live 14 “If your game is tight enough, it WILL return”. EA Sports is looking to come back with a bang and, basically, reclaim their throne.

Kyrie Irvin is the cover star for NBA Live 14. EA Sports talks about how dribbling hasn’t been realistic, until now. EA Sports’ number one priority was real ball handling physics and with the help of bounceTek, NBA Live 14 will feature life like dribbling. Okay, then. NBA Live 14 is scheduled to release in 2014. I would think sometime in September/October of 2014. Not their words, just a guess on my part.

Madden 25 is next. True step is through the power of EA Sports’ Ignite and has never “looked and felt more real” Madden will feature ‘Player Sense’ which allows the players to scan and react. Also, featured is’War in the Trenches’ which means the offensive and defensive lines will act as a unit, just like in real life. Adrian Peterson will be the cover star. And EA Sports leaves off with a trailer that is with real gameplay. The trailer features the San Francisco 49ers defence getting run all over by Washington Redskins’ Quarterback Robert Griffin III, and Seattle Seahawks’ running back Marshawn Lynch.

madden 25 1

FIFA 14 is next and Messi talks about Football, the feeling it is to score a goal, etc. After that little trailer, Drake comes out on stage. Drake has travelled all around the world and the one thing he has noticed is everybody loves Soccer (Football) and everybody plays FIFA. FIFA 14 is powered by Ignite and a trailer is shown featuring actual gameplay footage and this integration of FIFA will look to deliver the game FIFA fans have always wanted. A realistic gameplay experience that gives you the feeling that you are actually there with dynamic crowds and players that play like themselves in real life. FIFA 14 will be coming out this year to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, but only the PlayStation 4, and Xbox One game of FIFA 14 will have these features.

And now the voice of UFC, Bruce Buffer comes out on stage. A mic comes down, and Buffer announces Andrew Wilson, Dana White, Jon Jones, and Ben Henderson to join on stage. Andrew Wilson talks about how it’s fantastic to be partnered with UFC. Dana White is pumped about EA Sports partnering up with the UFC and he says he’s seen the game and it’s looking great.

EA’s two big features are ‘MMAi’, and ‘Full Body Deformation’. Full Body Deformation, is as you might expect, a lot of blood, bruises, broken bones, etc. And MMAi will deliver a realistic experience of MMA as the system will allow the fighters to react in a seamless, realistic fashion. The UFC game will be coming out in 2014 for the PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Battlefield 4 is next and the infamous Commander Mode is back! As EA has really pushed this feature, it will be on consoles, PC and on-the-go with tablets. DICE’s Battlelog service can be installed on their mobile devices and it will be able to interact with online players in real-time. Also, EA will be looking to deliver a 64 player online experience across all systems!

EA has one more surprise. To cap off the conference is another game that is being developed by DICE. This is Mirror’s Edge 2. Another really good looking trailer that featured the protagonist from the first Mirror’s Edge, Faith, to be jumping through the beautiful looking city.

Overall, the Electronic Arts E3 conference was a pretty lean, fun conference. Not too much information announced, but the stuff we did get was good, and everything looked really, really sharp. A really good, enjoyable conference.