Microsoft E3 2013: A new era with the Xbox One

Microsoft E3 2013: A new era with the Xbox One

Part 1

Today on June 10th, the E3 press conference kicked off with the Microsoft press conference, featuring many new games and features based on cloud and SmartGlass technology. They also showcased a new Xbox 360 design, based on the Xbox One which will be sleeker and quieter, and new games for the 360 such as the free to play World of Tanks, which has been custom built for the system, Max the courage of brotherhood, and Dark Souls II are to be released in March 2014.

Don Mattrick and Hideo Kojima graced the stage after showing a trailer for Metal Gear Solid V, now revealed for Xbox One and a list of other games for the system that include


  • Ryse: Son of Rome, a third person hack and slash game set in realistic battles that will feature general Titus, the new game from Crytek Studios.
  • Killer Instinct from Rare studios features the character Sabre Wolf.
  • Sunset Overdrive: A new game announced by Ted Price, a stylized shooter that changes everyday.There are some fantastic features, which include: Parkour action, a variety of weapons, and weird new creatures the players must overcome.
  • Forza 5 was once again shown, showing off innovative graphics, realistic world set pieces, and character change based on how the player races with input from the cloud
Forza 5

Forza 5

  • Minecraft the Xbox One edition
  • Quantum Break, a game that will blur the lines between TV and the gaming world, the TV show will be influenced by the choices players make.
  • Project Spark, a world creator, where players can use smart glass to make and create characters for their own world and share them on the cloud with friends, where they can be edited.
  • A new episodic murder mystery entitled D4 by Swery65
  • Crimson Dragon directed by Yukio Takatsugi, an on rails shooter game featuring dragon combat, and colorful worlds
  • Dead Rising 3, now exclusive to Xbox One and featuring new character Nick Ramos. Featuring a new open world with no load times and hundreds of new weapons. SamrtGlass can be used for artillery strikes and other distractions.
  • Witcher 3 gameplay was shown for the first time, with over a hundred hours worth of gameplay, and new bosses were also shown.
The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3

  • Battlefield 4, new campaign footage with a squad infiltrating a ship on raging sea’s, showcasing destructible environments, and squad commands. The first map pack, Second Assault will be launched on Xbox Live first.
  • A trailer showcasing a new Halo game was shown and said to be the first to use 60 frames per second.
  • TitanFall was the biggest game shown, a new science fiction, first person shooter, that will be multiplayer based and use The Cloud. The game was announced as being another exclusive for Xbox One with a release date for spring 2014.

The conference closed with Microsoft announcing that the Xbox One will ship this November for £429 / $499 / €499

I found the conference to be interesting and was excited for TitanFall, Ryse, and the Halo announcement. What about you guys? Please comment below.

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